Pinewood Derby Secrets

Pinewood Derby car racing involves skill, good carpentry and design. Lots of people think that, because of air resistance, a point at the front is streamlined. But according to science a curved front is the most streamlined. There are lots of ways of reduce drag. I put lead in the wheels (Do NOT pour the lead straight into the wheels) because if you add weight to the car it adds weight to the axles. The most weight in the car the better. It is better if the weight is in the back of the car. Look at drag for more details.

Here is the latest picture of my car.

Yey!!! I was second in the style contest!!!:-) Sadly, I only won 2 races out of 3 that didn’t put me in the semi finals.😦

Here is a really good picture of my car.


Here is an OK picture of my big trophy.


Here is a very good picture of my small trophy.




PS I MIGHT get some pictures of the race.

2 Responses to “Pinewood Derby Secrets”

  1. Chris/joe Vonkallist Says:

    Sweet! Im using that car!!!

  2. i got 2nd in design in my pinewood derby too!

    Zolacolor said:
    Cool!!! Good luck for your scouting! I`m a Boy Scout now, so I don`t do pinewood derby anymore.

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